Jon-Lark Kim传授学术报告

发布时候: 2021-12-21

报告标题问题: Quasi self-dual DNA codes over a ring E with four elements

人: Jon-Lark Kim传授(西江大学)

报告时候: 20201221号(周一)下战书16:00-18:00

报告地址: 腾讯集会 ID: 884 100 467

报告择要: In 1994, Adleman performed the computation using DNA strands to solve an instance of the Hamiltonian path problem giving birth to DNA computing. Since then, DNA computing and DNA storage have been developed. This development requires the theoretical basis of the construction of DNA sequences satisfying various constraints. Algebraic coding theory has contributed to construct DNA codes with constraints. In this talk, we consider the ring E in the notation of B. Fine, which is one of the 11 non-isomorphic rings with four elements. We construct new quasi self-dual codes over E and find parameters for the corresponding quasi self-dual DNA codes explicitly. This is a joint work with my student Dong Eun Ohk.

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